Fact Sheet #33a) Broad Promotion of Human Rights

Level 5

Element: Communication and Consultation

Outcome 33: The organization broadly promotes human rights.

Indicator 33a): Organization has implemented initiatives to broadly promote human rights.

Possible Measures and Data Sources:

  • Partnership in events such as Black History Month, Human Rights Day, and Anti-Racial Discrimination Day.
  • Promotion of human rights events, e.g.:
    • Diversity-related sports event.
    • Paralympic sponsorship.

Indicator Description

As a dynamic and progressive leader, the organization influences society by actively promoting human rights. It aims to provide a credible voice in favor of a more diversified, respectful and equitable society. To achieve these goals it leads various initiatives to advance human rights and invites other organizations to become involved in promoting human rights in their community, locally and internationally.

At Level 4, the organization created links with external partners to share best practices in order to improve working conditions and the provision of services. Its communications have integrated human rights principles such as inclusiveness and accessibility. At Level 5, the organization sponsors initiatives which broadly promote inclusiveness, diversity and respect for human rights.

For example, an organization could become a sponsor for a non governmental agency (NGO) supporting accessibility for people using a wheel chair, participate in their advertizing campaigns, organize activities to increase awareness on this issue, and encourage its employees to participate.

Suggested Approach

  • Becoming an agent of change for human rights: The organization uses its membership in all types of entities as well as partnerships to promote human rights in general or for a cause in particular.
  • Consult to set priorities: The organization consults its staff and partners on which aspects of human rights the organization could best advocate externally. This choice could be based, for example, on an analysis of the needs of the surrounding community, on specific experience gained internally in managing certain issues which could be helpful to others, or the areas where the organization could best contribute to strengthen best practices in its field of activity or in the networks in which it participates.
  • Choose the activities which best convey the organization’s message regarding the human rights issues selected: 
    • Sponsoring a Paralympics athlete or organizing a supper in the dark may be great way to promote the integration of people with disabilities.
    • Launching a mentorship program for young aboriginal leaders or other members of designated groups and promoting it among organizations in your field of activity is an option if the organization focuses on promoting diversity.
    • Mentoring other partner organizations on managing intergenerational work teams is another example that could illustrate your organization’s support for preventing ageism.
  • Make it a team effort: The organization engages its own staff in participating in the selected activities and promoting them in their respective networks.
  • Partner to maximize impact: A fundraiser to support local refuges for the homeless will certainly be more successful in terms of collecting funds and raising awareness for the issue of homelessness if organized collectively.
  • Share lessons learned in organizing these activities: This will pave the way for other organizations to join you in supporting human rights issues without repeating costly mistakes.

Promising Practices

  • Participating in the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: An organization asks its members to show solidarity with new Canadians and immigrant workers.
  • Sponsoring sporting activities provided there is a code of ethics for coaches and players: An organization got involved in the community by sponsoring sporting activities that had a code of ethics that specified that each athlete must be treated with respect regardless of gender, race, country of origin, physical potential, socioeconomic status, or any other potential ground of discrimination.

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